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Decorative Road Signs

Most remaining U.S. dairy farmers are at a crossroads.

To blindly continue taking direction from THEIR existing co-op management and strive to make the maximum quantity of milk possible and continue receiving a milk price less than the cost to make the milk, OR see what actually really is and what should be done.

Truth means agreement with reality.

The truth NDPO speaks is not dependent upon anyone’s agreement nor diminished by anyone’s rejection.

It simply is true marketplace reality.

It takes courage to see reality and what should be done.

Life punishes those who come too late, said Gorbachev.

Dairy farmers are at a crossroads and it is not enough for them to continue to take direction from THEIR existing hired co-op management — they must see their reality and do what has to be done and do it NOW.

The loss of U.S. dairy farm families can be reduced & most remaining dairy farmers can survive and receive a fair and profitable milk price from the marketplace IF they choose to change THEIR co-op management personnel and/or policies to those that will continuously balance co-op milk intake with profitable demand for member milk by implementing NDPO’s co-op management policies.

Constant awareness and adjustment of supply to changing marketplace profitable demand is required and is done by all successful product making businesses on an on-going, continuous basis.

The implementation of NDPO co-op management policies will help dairy farmers continuously balance the milk supply they make with both domestic and global profitable demand and thereby receive a fair, profitable milk price from the marketplace.

Mike Eby
NDPO Board Member