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American Cattle News – August 29th, 2018

HOW TO FIX DAIRY CRISIS A recent meeting in Albany, NY organized by Agri Mark dairy cooperative drew more than 300 attendees. The public meeting was held to hear various proposals in an open forum for comment and discussion. More proposals are being accepted at Mike Eby, a retired dairy farmer and chair of … Read more

American Cattle News – October 17th, 2017

USA LABELING REFLECTS CONSUMER PREFERENCE Some livestock groups are asking for more transparency when it comes to where our food is coming from. Mike Eby of the National Dairy Producers Organization tells American Cattle News that his organization is doing what it can to share the 100% USA icon as a statement to consumers and … Read more

Dairy Radio Now – August 16th, 2017

Program Would Pay Producers for Problem Cows Interview with Mike Eby. A national dairy group is pushing to reduce milk supply while improving the quality of milk at the same time. Mike Eby with the National Dairy Producers Organization says his organization is not only in favor of adopting a 400,000 SCC standard, but they … Read more