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Jackie Klippenstein, DFA Senior Vice President, Government, Industry and Community Relations writes on January 27, 2021 that YOUR co-op hired management recognizes that “grassroots governance process is of utmost importance, ensuring each and every one of you (members) has a voice in the direction of your cooperative” and asks you to submit resolutions to “help … Read more


Dairy farmer co-op owner members need to hold their co-op leaders accountable for achieving their co-op goal and purpose. Having the CORRECT co-op goal and purpose is critical for every dairy farmer co-op. Existing co-op leadership have promoted policies of encouraging and accommodating more and more milk far in excess of profitable marketplace demand. For … Read more


Richard A. Levins, identified as a professor emeritus of applied economics at the University of Minnesota, complains in Hoard’s Dairyman, January 10, 2021 issue, that the “rules” affecting dairy farmers don’t “match the playing field.” However, the “rules” Levins complains about are government legislated rules, NOT the basic, universal supply/demand economic rules of the marketplace, … Read more


Perversion — the action of turning away from what is right. Existing dairy co-op management fraudulently use the legal reality of the cooperative organization being dairy farmer member owned for management’s own financial benefit, but without and at the expense of providing an actual, sustainable profitable milk price for most dairy farmer members. The implementation … Read more


In Brazil cattle supplies have shrunk, pushing up prices that meat packers pay by 50% this year to record highs. The supply of animals for slaughter is expected to stay low next year, keeping cattle prices high. BOB KRUCKER NDPO Member Idaho


DAIRY FARMER: YOUR silence as a co-op member-owner, who handle 85% of U.S. made milk, makes you not only SUBJECT TO financial destruction but COMPLICITE WITH YOUR co-op management policies that fail to provide members with a profitable milk price. Do not remain silent and complicit in your own financial destruction. Join and implement the … Read more