Gordon Hoover of Land O’Lakes (LOL) and Skylar Ryll, manager of fluid milk marketing at Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) “ponder” co-ops, milk price and the milk market in Lancaster Farming, Saturday, February 17,2018 issue. Hoover says his co-op has a place in the market. But neither Hoover nor Ryll seem to have a clue … Read more

Who Will Make the Milk

The existing remaining U.S. dairy farmers are now deciding who will be providing our future dairy products. Will the milk be made by the existing 38,000 family dairy farmers who create and support our present national milk producing infrastructure OR a handful of corporate milk makers located in a handful of locations? The battle is … Read more


Dean Foods company’s shares have plunged 20.1% in three months as recently reported by Dean Foods says it is “…evaluating existing volume profitability. This means ensuring that volumes are produced and sold at appropriate margins.” TRANSLATION: Dean Foods wants to balance supply with profitable demand just like the U.S. dairy farmers should be balancing … Read more


NDPO has and will continue to address hundreds of questions and issues presented by U.S. dairy farmers, which basically boil down to the question — What is NDPO going to do about all the many “bad guys” in the dairy industry and their purchased politicians and government bureaucrats who are destroying the family dairy farmer? … Read more