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USDA reports on November 16, 2017 that the mood in the mountain states of Idaho, Colorado, and Utah is one of “uncertainty and pathos.” “A few farms in Idaho have been informed they may not have a market for their milk as of the New Year.” DAIRY FARMER: THERE IS A SOLUTION. The battle is … Read more

No Political Help

There will be no political help for U.S. dairy farmers. Why? U.S. politicians follow the money. The money politicians follow is the money provided by existing co-op management and the organizations they support, ie; NMPF, DMS, DMI, USDEC, etc., all of which want the cheapest milk possible. Dairy farmers need a milk price greater than … Read more

USDA Failed to Submit Five Years of Federally Mandated Dairy Checkoff Reports

By John Lauinger | 09/14/2017 05:45 AM EDT With help from Catherine Boudreau, Megan Cassella, Jenny Hopkinson, Helena Bottemiller Evich, Doug Palmer and Christine Haughney DAIRY CHECKOFF REPORTS MIA AT USDA: It has been four years since the USDA published legally required annual financial reports on a $400 million dairy research and promotional fund — … Read more