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Return of Fortified Milk

California Milk Producers’ Standards Adopted in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania plant marketing milk with California standards
By Lucas Sjostrom May 21, 2014

One small dairy plant thinks it can increase milk sales by adopting California milk standards – in Pennsylvania. Family Dairy Farms LLC, Denver, Pa., hopes their new “White Gold” product has the taste to make up for the slump in national milk sales.

Family Dairy Farms, a farmer-run LLC producing 16,000 half gallons of Pennsylvania milk per month, began working to sell the new milk with California standards last June.

“When you remove product from milk, you basically give the consumer the water. Consumers are tired of drinking water; they want flavor,” said Family Dairy Farms LLC president Mike Eby in a television interview with Blue Ridge Communications, local television channel 11 in Lancaster, Pa. Eby is a 60-cow Registered Holstein producer active with the National Dairy Producers Organization…

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