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Dairy Cows at Feeder

Jackie Klippenstein, DFA Senior Vice President, Government, Industry and Community Relations writes on January 27, 2021 that YOUR co-op hired management recognizes that “grassroots governance process is of utmost importance, ensuring each and every one of you (members) has a voice in the direction of your cooperative” and asks you to submit resolutions to “help guide the Board of Directors, Area Councils and management in the strategic direction of the cooperative.”

For decades YOUR DFA “Board of Directors, Area Councils and management” have FAILED to achieve DFA’s primary purpose of preserving as many DFA dairy farmer members as possible with a profitable milk price from the marketplace.

Everyone, including YOUR hired management, recognizes that DFA dairy farmer owner members have the right to properly manage THEIR DFA co-op and hold DFA co-op leaders accountable for their failure to achieve DFA’s primary purpose.

The continued acquiescence of DFA members to THEIR existing management’s co-op policies will ensure the continued destruction of DFA dairy farmer members, their families and this country’s national milk producing infrastructure and rural communities.

DFA DAIRY FARMER — Speak up NOW for your survival and submit resolutions to DFA leadership to implement the co-op management policies of NDPO which will preserve as many dairy farmer members as possible by balancing YOUR co-op milk supply with profitable marketplace demand for member milk thereby creating a profitable milk price and preserving as many DFA dairy farmer members as possible.

NDPO Member Idaho