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Paul Rozwadowski
Vice Chairman Wisconsin

Gary Genske
Treasurer California

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Secretary Minnesota

Pete DeHaan
Member Oregon

Bob Krucker
Member Idaho

John J. King
Member Pennsylvania

Greg Millick
Member Georgia

Dan Meier
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Joe Arens
Member Michigan

John Larsen
Member Minnesota

Tom Wing
Member Michigan


The recently announced DFA-NE supply management plan is good, BUT NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

FINALLY, DFA management can no longer ignore that milk supply management is required now that milk has to be dumped.

DFA’s plan to pay “Full value” for 85% of March 2020 milk production and what ever the market will pay for any milk exceeding the 85% volume is not good enough.

It must be noted that “Full value” will not be a “profitable” dairy farmer milk price even for the 85% of production.

DFA management’s goal must be to balance the co-op milk intake with “profitable demand” from the marketplace for co-op member milk.

DFA management’s goal must be to implement policies that will continuously balance the co-op milk intake with marketplace demand that pays a profitable milk price to DFA co-op dairy farmer members.

DFA management’s goal must be to implement NDPO’s co-op management policies.

DFA dairy farmer owner members need to change THEIR DFA management personnel and/or policies and adopt NDPO’s co-op management policies which requires all DFA members to work “cooperatively” and share in a pro-rata, across-the-board, proportional milk reduction, as required, to continuously balance DFA’s milk intake with profitable demand for member milk, yielding a sustainable profitable milk price from the marketplace for most members and thereby preserve as many of the remaining DFA family farms as possible.

To learn more about NDPO’s co-op management policies, contact Mike Eby, NDPO Chairman, (717) 799-0057,, or like us on Facebook – National Dairy Producers Organization, or

Bob Krucker
NDPO Board Member