National Dairy
Organization Inc.
"Our number one priority is producer profitability for sustainability"
Board of Directors

Mike Eby
Chairman of the Board

Paul Rozwadowski
Vice Chairman Wisconsin

Gary Genske
Treasurer California

Deborah Mills
Secretary Minnesota

Pete DeHaan
Member Oregon

Bob Krucker
Member Idaho

John J. King
Member Pennsylvania

Greg Millick
Member Georgia

Dan Meier
Member New York

Jerry Volenec
Member Wisconsin

Rob Baum
Member Vermont

Joe Arens
Member Michigan

John Larsen
Member Minnesota

Tom Wing
Member Michigan


NDPO Info Graphic

COVID 19 has not repealed marketplace supply/demand economics — the virus just made complying therewith very difficult.

Assume milk demand has now decreased by 40% at a time when the milk supply already exceeded profitable demand by 10% (March 2020 milk production for the top 24 states was up 2.4% over the previous year).

Under the assumed facts, marketplace supply/demand economics requires a 50% reduction in the milk supply to be balanced with the reduced demand in order for the marketplace to generate a profitable milk price.

Without significant milk supply reduction, even with significant government action of financial support, a profitable milk price will not be achieved.

The required milk supply reduction WILL be accomplished either by the continued culling of dairy farm families OR the remaining dairy farmers sharing in the culling of some cows and balancing the milk supply with whatever profitable marketplace demand exists or is created going forward.

It is a dairy farmer choice.

Mike Eby
NDPO Board Member