National Dairy
Organization Inc.
"Our number one priority is producer profitability for sustainability"
Board of Directors

Mike Eby
Chairman of the Board

Paul Rozwadowski
Vice Chairman Wisconsin

Gary Genske
Treasurer California

Deborah Mills
Secretary Minnesota

Pete DeHaan
Member Oregon

Bob Krucker
Member Idaho

John J. King
Member Pennsylvania

Greg Millick
Member Georgia

Dan Meier
Member New York

Rob Baum
Member Vermont

Joe Arens
Member Michigan

John Larsen
Member Minnesota

Tom Wing
Member Michigan


Dairy farmer co-op management pay incentives are wrong.

Existing co-op management pay incentives are based on milk NOT members.

Existing co-op management are paid on ever increasing dairy sales and market share which requires ever increasing and cheaper milk, all at the expense of a profitable dairy farmer milk price.

NDPO encourages dairy farmer members to make an immediate change to pay incentives for THEIR co-op management.

Co-op management should NOT be paid based on milk volume but rather on whether the dairy farmer members receive a profitable milk price from the marketplace.

Co-op management pay should be based on the preservation of co-op dairy farmer membership receiving a profitable milk price NOT based on milk volume, dairy sales or market share.

Co-op management should profit ONLY when dairy farmer membership is maintained and dairy farmer members profit.

Bob Krucker
NDPO Board Member