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Decorative graphic pertaining to reduction of CO2 Emissions

Dairy farmer financially supported organizations DMI, NMPF and USDEC are spending dairy farmer money promoting a new environmental proposal entitled “Dairy’s Sustainability Imperatives” (DSI)

DSI’s second Imperative states “Sustainable environmental practices must be profitable for farmers.” Good idea!

How about also promoting practices that make making milk “profitable for farmers” by balancing the milk supply with profitable demand yielding a profitable marketplace milk price and thereby making not only the environment but also DAIRY FARMERS sustainable?

The management of DFA recently made a new environmental commitment on behalf of it’s dairy farmer co-op members to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30% by 2030. Good idea!

Food industry watchers express interest “to see if DFA will see a positive consumer reaction from it’s new commitment.”

MORE IMPORTANTLY, will DFA management see a positive DAIRY FARMER member reaction from management’s “new environmental commitment”?

DFA dairy farmer members understand that DFA management’s primary purpose and priority is to preserve as many DFA dairy farmer members as possible by helping dairy farmer members obtain a profitable milk price from the marketplace.

Since existing DFA management’s policies continue to fail to provide it’s dairy farmer members with a profitable milk price, it is difficult to imagine how DFA management’s new environmental commitment will “be profitable for farmers” as required by DSI UNLESS DFA management ALSO implements NDPO’s co-op management policies which will balance/match DFA’s milk intake with profitable marketplace demand for DFA’s member milk.

For there to be a positive DFA dairy farmer member reaction to their management’s new environmental commitment, dairy farmer members must FIRST financially survive with a profitable milk price.

Bob Krucker

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