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NDPO has and will continue to address hundreds of questions and issues presented by U.S. dairy farmers, which basically boil down to the question — What is NDPO going to do about all the many “bad guys” in the dairy industry and their purchased politicians and government bureaucrats who are destroying the family dairy farmer?

The answer is that NDPO will ASSIST any group of dairy farmers who can realistically challenge and remove the “bad guys” in the dairy industry and government that are destroying the family dairy farmer.

But, dairy farmers THEMSELVES must take the initiative and marshal the finances to challenge the conditions and people that are destroying them.

NDPO, by itself, cannot and will not do this FOR the dairy farmer.

What NDPO has done, can do and will continue to do is show the U.S. dairy farmer HOW to take responsibility for themselves and their own actions of excess milk production and thereby achieve profitability.

The U.S. dairy farmers need to balance the milk supply they make with profitable demand and change the goals and/or management of their co-ops to benefit themselves, the member owners.

NDPO’s message of self-responsibility may never be accepted by some but it is understood and accepted by many.

Whether enough dairy farmers accept responsibility for the milk they make and their co-ops before it is too late, is the soon to be answered question.

Bob Krucker
NDPO Board Member