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Most U.S. dairy farmers object to the existing mandatory checkoff deduction from their milk check.

Let’s be clear about what the dairy industry bureaucrat recipients of dairy farmer checkoff money have done.

NMPF, IDFA, DMI and USDEC, all funded with dairy farmer money, have encouraged and accommodated the production of a milk supply in excess of profitable milk demand which has destroyed a profitable milk price for the U.S. dairy farmer.

The recipients have used the dairy farmer checkoff money to promote the making, sale and exporting of dairy products that have NOT paid the dairy farmer’s cost to make the milk used in those products.

The recipients of dairy farmer checkoff money have taken dairy farmer money and promoted excess milk production which has resulted in unprofitable milk prices for most dairy farmers.

NDPO requests the suspension of the mandatory milk checkoff deduction from U.S. dairy farmer milk checks for the anticipated duration of the effects of the current virus pandemic.

The requested suspension of the mandatory checkoff tax would allow U.S. dairy farmers to pursue checkoff reform and to immediately receive more of THEIR earned milk money and will go a long way in financially supporting every remaining U.S. dairy farm family struggling to survive.

National Dairy Producers Organization
Board of Directors